Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter

Dear Prospective Student:

Welcome to American Worldwide Academy (AWA). As fellow Christians and firm believers in education, we understand that the building blocks of a successful life must first rest upon the foundation of achieving a quality and purposeful secondary education. Earning your high school diploma with AWA will open the door of opportunity, and is proven to be the first step towards a prosperous and meaningful future.

Personally, growing up as a member of Grace Missionary Baptist Church, I was tough the importance of maintaining my relationship with God, family, and the community. As Principal of AWA, I have always strived to seek greater prosperity for these core values as well as to continue to foster and grow these relationships.

It brings us great pride to see our alumni as integral, essential, and functional contributors to society. We stand committed to offer the highest quality of education available while maintaining the integrity and strong reputation of American Worldwide Academy.

A vast majority of our graduates continue their education in just about every field imaginable. Our graduates currently are working in various career fields, attending universities, colleges, community colleges, technical schools, vocational schools, and trade schools across the nation. Also, a number of our alumni have enlisted in various divisions of the United States Armed Forces. Ultimately, our main focus at American Worldwide Academy is on preparing our graduates to find gainful employment and to earn an honest living.

Again, welcome and thank you for taking interest in American Worldwide Academy. Regardless of your situation, we are dedicated to providing you with the ability to accomplish your goals and put you on a path towards future success.


Anwar R. Sadeek, MBA

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