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Eternal Resolutions

Resolutions come in all shapes and sizes. Although, they start off relatively large at first, most shrink significantly by the second week of January. We try, right? We go as far as to believe with every ounce in our being that we will achieve what we set out to do. We plan ahead, cross our T’s and dot our I’s to pull off an almost unlikely goal. Some resolutions are like a marathon, with no finish line in sight. But, are we designing these goals to seem unlikely, or does doubt play a role?

Eternal Resolutions are those that are familiar and are notoriously repeated almost yearly. The most popular ones are, losing weight, quitting smoking or obtaining a high school diploma/ college degree. The main ingredient to an Eternal Resolution is giving up along the way only to find yourself back at square one the following year. We must keep in mind that goals all demand a certain amount of patience. They come with a “one day at a time” prescription and if you aren’t consistent with your daily vitamins, then you’re liable to skip a day or two. Managing a goal can be a difficult task, but not impossible. It may very well be completed in a year, to avoid it being your personal Eternal Resolution.

The secret to a successful goal is in the details. The tiniest attributions combine for greater results. Your motive must be strong. Your fears must be faced. Falling in love with the process is imperative. One’s mind must be filled with positive thoughts, day in and day out. You will experience failure, and moments of despair. The goal is still ahead of you no matter how many times you fall. You will stand up, brush the doubt off your knees and admire the new rip in your jeans. For now, you are not only one step closer to accomplishing your New Year’s Resolution, but you’re doing so while making a fashion statement.

Happy New Year!

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